Recycled Paint Product Improvements Coming for 2019!

Third Eye Products is constantly working on increasing the quality of our recycled paint products.  Beginning in 2019 all paints and coating sold by Third Eye Products will be treated with additional filtration.  These new treatments will ensure that our paints can be used with any commercial spray gun!

Third Eye Products is also running a battery of quality control studies on the company’s paints made with recycled content paint.  The company plans on running the same tests on the popular brands sold in your hardware and home improvement stores and releasing a comparison.  Third Eye Products is committed to demonstrating that our recycled content paint products preform as good, if not better, than the top brands.  Please keep an out for that report in 2019.

Please check out MXI’s website and social media feeds.  The company has just begun it’s seasonal Latex Paint Recycling operations and is capturing the feedstock for our 2019 product line.  Please check out http://www.mxiinc.com .


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