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Full Circle Paints & Coatings

Full Circle One Gallon Label

Interior Wall Coating


Full Circle Paints are our first line of quality interior paint that is available in a variety of designer inspired colors that cost up to 75% less than traditional paints. This line of paint was developed with a focus on neutrals colors and even tones.  Our products are naturally lower in V.O.C.'s and provide exceptional coverage and durability.  Excellent as a neutral color and perfect for priming.


We are currently testing the product for quality as an exterior coating.  It is currently perfect for covering graffiti on painted and concrete surfaces.  It also serves as a primer for the next coat.


Old Man Potter's Chalked Craft Paint

Perfect for refinishing furniture!

Old Man Potter's Chalked Craft Paint is an homage to hard work and dedication of the founder of MXI, Ron Potter.  Ron, the father of both Brian and Craig, is an avid wood worker and furniture builder.  His wood shop is legendary among Potter family and friends.  Every Potter child has a custom made dining room table given to them by Ron as a house warming gift.


Chalked Craft Paint is a paint with a chalky appearance that is typically used on furniture.  Chalked Craft Paint provides excellent coverage and there is minimal prep work involved.  After the paint is applied it is very easy to distress it so you get the "Shabby Chic" look.  After distressing all you need is a coat of wax.


Old Man Potter's Chalked Craft Paint provides excellent coverage at a fantastic price!  We can offer our product at a fraction of the premium chalk paint brands.  Our process creates an incredibly thick pain that provides coverage better than the competition!

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First Project Using Old Man Potter's Chalk Paint!

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Check out this video of Carrie refinishing furniture found on the curb with Old Man Potter's!

Greener Driveway Sealer


Premium Driveway Sealer

Greener Driveway Sealer is a premium driveway sealer made from our recycled latex paint.  Our product offers superb coverage, lasts multiple years, and is made with over 95% recycled paint content.

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Contractor Wholesale Discounts

Save money with bulk purchasing

Third Eye Products offers paint contractors, government agencies, and other large volume paint consumers bulk discounts. We can provide paint in 55 gallon drums and 250 gallon IBC totes. The value is unmatch as our price per gallon is incredibly low while our paint provides excellent coverage with just one coat. Our paint is filtered and treated to but used with a sprayer as well. Contact us for more details!


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