Free Chalk Paint Available!

MXI has developed a chalk paint made with recycled paint content and would like to give samples to anyone willing to try it.   Want some free paint?

The Recycling Process

How does MXI recycle latex paint?  Where does it come from?  What is Paintcare?  How is the paint processed and reused?

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Who is MXI?

MXI is a comprehensive environmental services firm.  Learn more about our history, our people, and capabilities by clicking in below!

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Our Products

See the commercial products created out of the latex paint recycling process.  Our products are a great example quality and sustainability working hand in hand.

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Welcome to MXI's Latex Paint Recycling Program!

MXI began the Latex Paint Recycling Program in 2013.  Less than one year after the inception of the program the company opened up a brand new manufacturing facility in Abingdon dedicated to remanufacturing recycling latex paint.  MXI now currently offers latex paint recycling services to all of their customers in the private and public sector.

The paint is treated to be reused as a commercial grade product.  The product is currently used in a variety of fashions, ranging from interior and exterior paint to landfill cover.

MXI plans on generating a full line of recycled paint for commercial sales by 2017!

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Contact us for more information!

Have latex paint to recycle?  Need products made from recycled paint?  Just interested in the process?  Please contact us today for more information!